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Phishing Kits

Let's make a phishing attack (just kidding). The easiest way to do so is obtaining a pre-made phishing kit. Phishing kits represent a significant and growing danger. These tools, readily available in the darker corners of the internet, empower even technically unsophisticated criminals to launch effective phishing campaigns. This post aims to demystify phishing kits, explore their dangers, and provide practical advice on safeguarding against these insidious threats.  Phishing kits are pre-packaged sets of tools and resources designed to facilitate phishing attacks. The parts of a phishing kit can be broken down into the following components: Email templates Webpage clones (usually scraped from the legit site) Scripts and code repositories  Hosting Platforms Delivery Systems Readme & docs Premium services Real-time data analysis tools Customer service* Social engineering tools These kits are designed for ease of use, allowing attackers to launch phishing campaigns with minimal t
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Anti-Phishing Working Group Report from Q2 2023

 The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) is an international coalition focused on unifying the global response to cybercrime, particularly phishing and e-mail fraud. Established in 2003, APWG brings together businesses, government entities, law enforcement, and non-governmental organizations to combat phishing, crimeware, and e-mail spoofing.They create regular reports on the nature of phishing "in the wild" and share trends in this report. You can download the report here .  I wanted to report on a more recent trend report, but at the time of writing I haven't seen a newer one. It being in the middle of 2023, I believe the report is recent enough.  I found a few areas of interest, and questioned a few pieces. There was a reported downward trend in phishing. Despite the high numbers, there was a notable downward trend in phishing by the end of the quarter, indicating a possible shift in tactics or improved countermeasures. I have doubt that phishing is occurring less,

How to program a NTAG215 NFC Tag

Hi! Did you just acquire a NTAG215 NFC tag? Very cool. Maybe you scanned it and it brought you here. Here's how to edit the content on the tag to make it do what you want.  Easy Steps Download an NFC writing app on a smartphone like this one for Android or this one for iPhone. I assume you might have this app already if you're reading this tag. Done Decide what type of data you want to save. If you picked up more than one of the NFC tags, you may have a variety of data saved to them like the ones below: Plain text URL/URI Link to a search Social networks Video File Application Mail Contact Phone number SMS Location Address Proximity search Street View Emergency info Bitcoin address Bluetooth connection WiFi network settings other custom fields Make sure if you select the correct format to make it easier to scan, save the write data, and re-scan the tag. Switch back to the read function and test your tag! Next Method The above method doesn't cover making everything, such a

Studying for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification (CLF-C02)

As a solution's architect, I want to keep up on my cloud skills. As noted in my previous New Year's Resolution post , I'm looking to get the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) exam, and the Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C02) certification is the one that precedes this SAA-C03 exam.  After speaking to others who have passed the SAA-C03 exam, they mentioned more than half the content is the same as the CLF-C01 exam. The exam has been updated last September and has changed content moving to the C02 edition. So I believe it's foundational to take this exam first.  As a former academic, I have a high standard to passing the exam. While I'm already passing some practice exams, I don't want to sit for the exam until I'm getting over 90% on the practice exams. What's the point of barely scraping by when I'm doing this to truly gain skills and knowledge? Below I'm going to outline what I've been using to study. AWS Skill Builder I do pa