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How to program a NTAG215 NFC Tag

Hi! Did you just acquire a NTAG215 NFC tag? Very cool. Maybe you scanned it and it brought you here. Here's how to edit the content on the tag to make it do what you want. 

Easy Steps

  • Download an NFC writing app on a smartphone like this one for Android or this one for iPhone. I assume you might have this app already if you're reading this tag. Done
  • Decide what type of data you want to save. If you picked up more than one of the NFC tags, you may have a variety of data saved to them like the ones below:
    • Plain text
    • URL/URI
    • Link to a search
    • Social networks
    • Video
    • File
    • Application
    • Mail
    • Contact
    • Phone number
    • SMS
    • Location
    • Address
    • Proximity search
    • Street View
    • Emergency info
    • Bitcoin address
    • Bluetooth connection
    • WiFi network settings
    • other custom fields
  • Make sure if you select the correct format to make it easier to scan, save the write data, and re-scan the tag.
  • Switch back to the read function and test your tag!

Next Method

The above method doesn't cover making everything, such as Amiibo tags. For that you'll need a more advanced method of writing.

There are plenty of other devices that can read and write NFC tags. The Proxmark is a powerful and versatile tool used for RFID and NFC research and security testing. It can also sniff or capture the communication between an RFID reader and a tag. This helps in understanding how the system communicates and in identifying potential vulnerabilities. Advanced users can program the Proxmark with their own firmware or scripts to perform specific tasks, making it highly versatile for various research and testing purposes. However, it's expensive and an online purchase away. You can download and easy app now, and that'll be just fine.

I think if you're really interested in the topic you should invest in the Proxmark. It's enriching to understand how it works instead of just using the apps. As mentioned above there are more advanced features too, which can't otherwise be achieved. Also, there are other hardware devices that are similar, this is just the hardware I prefer. 

Have fun!


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