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Shipment 1 of 2 - The new WTMD journey.

Hey - here's part of my new metal detector. 

The two top panels and the base for the side arms

The back of the control unit and the front of the control panel

This post is going to be fairly short, as I only have half of the machine. When I receive the uprights and re-assemble the machine, you'll get a much better idea of the WTMD's function. While were are here, notice the gap in the main unit? There's something else I'm going to put there, so stay tuned. Additionally, I'm going to open up the main unit next to check to make sure there isn't anything extra inside. 

Notice the lock on the control panel? The purpose is to have a physical lock to prevent tampering with the controls, and originally when [hacker-dad] received the WTMD it was locked in the disabled position. I remarked how I was hoping he'd find the key, and he picked it open with ease instead. 

He played around with the device for a few days before sending it my way, so it was in working order before it was shipped halfway across the country. I'm really excited for this journey. I still have a few more parts to make or get, so I'll let you know when I can find those as well. 

Hack the Planet. 


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