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2021 & 2022 Resolutions

 I am not into the whole "New Year, New Me" thing

2022 is going to make 2020 look like a baby. Last year, I made a post about my resolutions and goals for the year, and I thought now would be a great time to update on that. Let's revisit my resolutions from last year:


1) Meatless Mondays
2) No Candy Wednesdays

3) Submit to WiGLE every month (almost!)
4) ... and the Grand Finale: Make an optimized trip half-way across the country in my truck!

So I didn't do a great job. I had some other resolutions that I didn't post, and I also didn't do so great on those. I almost summitted to WiGLE every month, but I missed October and November. Similarly, I had a resolution to post to my blog once a month, and I almost made it, except I missed the last two posts. Hopefully, I will make this up by writing posts and back-dating them, so I would at least have completed the goal. 


I think my goals failed for various reasons. I didn't make realistic goals for my diet, and I didn't perceive the difficulty of driving cross-country monetarily and safely. So this year I plan to use some advice when making resolutions. I learned about this article from the Stella Rae podcast and I think it's helpful for setting my 2022 goals. 

There's an acronym to help make good resolutions, SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. 

1 & 2 aren't achievable due to some private matters. But I could have set a better goal such as "no meat once a week." 4 was not specific, I didn't take the time to map out than plan until after I had set the goal. Once I had done that, it became much more difficult, thus it wasn't realistic. The good goal I had set were to submit to WiGLE once a month and publish a blog post once a month. While I didn't meet those goals completely, I made it about 80% of the way there. My goals this year will follow the above advice.


I have some serious WiGLE goals this year. Currently, I have 367,323 unique wifi networks. 


There have been some stellar wardrivers this year. Lozaning, elkentaro, grim0us, aromond and of course Kim have totally blown goals out of the water. It's been amazing. I want to catch up to them, and they provide a great goal for my wardriving resolutions this year. I want to improve in this area this year. 

1) Make it to 500,000 unique wifi networks

... and get a gold WiGLE badge! That's a nice reward for the number. Eventually I'll shoot for overall top 100, but I'm not close enough for that. Check out the submissions from our team this year: 

I elapsed darkmatter, which is fun. Kim broke over 5 MILLION wifi. That's ten times my set goal for overall wifi. I've been stumbling since August 2018, so that's about 100,000 a year, and he completely elapses that. Elkentaro has hit over a million warwalking!! That's so amazing. I have a lot of cool people to look up to for setting these goals. 

132,677 wifi to go! It's worth noting that I'm also #393 so cool, I broke the top 400. But there's definitely a long way to go before I set the goal of top 100. 

2) Upload to WiGLE every month

Makes sense, I'll do it. 

3) Wardrive in a state that is not: Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky or Missouri

I've driven to these states and have covered a lot of the common ground. Of these states above, the areas I want to visit have been greatly mapped, and the places they aren't mapped I don't want to go like Ohio. Last time I went wardriving I got sick and got a creepy feeling and had to drive home. No thanks. There's only like 5 things good about Ohio in the total state and the rest of it is trash. This is all in jest btw. 

This will hopefully be in a rented vehicle, as driving Himbig around can be problematic. He guzzles gas, is large, and doesn't have a backup camera. So I'll have to assess how I'll do this one, and it might be a stretch goal like the last one. 


I've been going to a gym trainer for about 5 months now. I haven't lost any weight, but I've gotten a lot stronger and built muscle, and that's cool. My body was pretty out of shape, and I wouldn't call myself in shape now, but I'm somewhere much better than I was before. 

4) Continue to see the trainer once a week

I'm worried about this one because I'm starting a new job on the 10th and I don't know how realistic this one will be. My trainer has hours of 8 to 5, and that's my working hours now. So it may not work. I'm going to do my best to make it work. I need to do it for my health or it will significantly suffer. 

5) Lose 25 lbs of body fat. 

I really don't want to talk about this one, just accept it. I won't be able to measure this with a normal scale because muscle has weight too. So I'll use the fancy machine at the gym to get this information for me. 


6) Post to the blog at least once a month

I'm bringing back this one, and I think I'm going to achieve it this year. I was so close in 2021 and I'm not sure why it fell off. I think it's something tied to my emotions surrounding creating better content each time. So maybe I'll hold myself to less judgment and continue to post. 

7) I want to be a better person this year than I was last year.

There's a lot to unpack there, and I prefer to do that with my therapist instead of a blog post.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you found something helpful, and I recommend reading "How to Make (and Keep) a New Year's Resolution" by Jen A. Miller in the New York Times. Happy New Year! 


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