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Goal Setting: Creating a vision board

 Hey y'all! I know I've missed my 2022 resolution to post once a month on the blog. It's something I think about frequently. I have been pouring my efforts into other areas of my life and haven't set enough time to create content or write blog posts. I've recently been reinvigorated after coming back from GrrCON 2022. Not only was GrrCON so much fun, I presented a pretty good talk: Hey Ma' Where's Malware Come From? It'll have it's own blog post once all the content is ready.  If you want to follow along, make your own vision board for free here

I have a lot on my plate of tasks I don't attend to; things I want to do and things I need to do. I decided to help me clarify my goals and give myself some good mile markers via a vision board. Here's what the board means to me: (from left to right)

  • Fox: I want to strive to do my best a work and position myself for future career growth and opportunities. I value where I work and want to be a helpful and beneficial part of the team.
  • 3D Print: I have made a couple of prints that have been hits at cons. I really enjoy making trinkets and giving them out to the public. I create little project for con attendees, friends, and the mini art studio. I want to continue to print and make new creations. 
  • Plane: I miss traveling, and I hope to be able to go on adventures. Whether that be for conferences, my job, visiting friends, or traveling with a remote job - I want to be able to go more places. That's also being of the wardriving. 
  • Spooky has a special meaning to me, but wouldn't make sense to explain in a blog post. 
  • I need to renew my Security+. It expires in January 2023 and I need to finish an online training course to renew it. I have to keep this current so I can mentor those who are trying to take the exam. Done!
  • WiGLE: I want to finally make it to over 500,000 new wifi networks. So far I have 488,653 wifi found. I want to dedicate more miles and travel to war-whatevering. 
  • CircleCityCon: Being the COO of Circle is a lot of work. It's almost a year around volunteer task. I love Circle and have very high expectations for our 2023 (June 23-25) conference. After the 2022 conference, I have felt very burnt out. I have taken a handful of weeks to recover since, and need to get back on the road with the goals and projects I have already started. 
  • I need to renew my CySA+ as well. I have to obtain CEUs to renew this one, so that in of itself is going to be its own task. I'll be making sure to share the resources I use in this process. Done!
  • Microphone: I need to keep motivated to create talks and submit CFPs. So far, I've spoken at a conference once a year. There are plenty of CFPs out there, and I need to find my 2023 talk spot.
  • CWT: I am in the process of trying to obtain the CWT 101 certification. I want something on the books to demonstrate my wireless knowledge, and I'm hoping to learn a bunch along the way!
  • People: Friends! I want to travel and visit my friends, and spend more time with those that I care about. I have plenty of friends all around the world, but keeping up and maintaining relationships is work and I need to remind myself to reach out and put myself out there to more of my friends. 
  • Backpack: The DEFCON 2022 backpack rig. I want to build an even cooler, even flashier rig for the next DEFCON! It doesn't need to be mega powerful or super sleek, it just needs to be cute and reflect my creation. 
  • Mentor: I am still mentoring through the same platform, helping students complete their security bootcamp and obtain the Security+ certification. I also aid in finding job opportunities, projects, and expose them to the world of hacking. Every mentee has different needs and wants and it's my job to grow and be able to help them achieve. 
  • Badass: I wanna be a badass - enough said. 

EDIT: I quickly finished the renewal of the two certs, so I have updated the vision board. Also! I am very close to my 500k WiGLE goal with only 3,440 networks left to find!

Well, I hope you've been inspired to make your own vision board. Don't make it too complicated! Stick to 10 - 15 goals so that way you aren't spreading yourself too thin. You can always make a new board with new goals once you've completed the ones that you have. I used Canva to make the vision board, and you can make one too for free!  

Hey Ma' look, I made a post this month!


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