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2023 Resolutions

Welcome to my New Year's Resolutions! I feel a little vulnerable sharing my goals publicly and auditing if I failed or succeeded over the year. 

My 2023 Resolutions


2) Upload to WiGLE every month

3) Post to the blog at least once a month

4) Continue to follow and maintain my vision board.

Don't judge me! I thought they were cheesy and weird, but it's been so effective. I made a blog post about it already, but just as a refresher my current board is below.

A vision board is almost a resolution list in of itself. These are all the things I want to achieve in the near future. 

5) Pass the HAM radio exam

6) Continue in content creation and make articles or a podcast

Let's go over what my resolutions where last year:

My 2022 Resolutions

1) Make it to 500,000 unique wifi networks

I made it in November! I achieved this goal and obtained the gold WiGLE badge. 

2) Upload to WiGLE every month

I made this most months, but not every month. I will try again!

3) Wardrive in a state that is not: Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky or Missouri

Okay technically I wardrove in Florida, but I was there for a business trip, not specifically for wardriving, so I don't know if this counts.

4) Continue to see the trainer once a week

My first trainer quit, and I had an awesome trainer for a few months, but then she got fired/quit. It's not the reason I stopped going, but it's the reason I haven't gone back to training. I feel like I'll just handle my fitness on my own. 

6) Post to the blog at least once a month

I nowhere near achieved this goal this year. I will acknowledge I've been posting more frequently since the fall, but for the entire summer I did not post. This will definitely be a goal that I'm carrying into the new year. 

7) I want to be a better person this year than I was last year.

My therapist says I've grown as a person, so that's an approval, yeah? But all jokes aside, I believe I have become at least a shade better than I was in the previous year. 


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